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Repatriation of Mi'kmaw Regalia

Heather Stevens, Manager of the Millbrook Cultural & Heritage Centre travelled to Melbourne, Australia in March 2023 with pipe carrier, Deanne Sack to repatriate a men's Mi'kmaw regalia that was in Australia for 144 years.

On this page we have shared news articles that document Heather's journey to bring a piece of our history home, and also some pictures of the regalia that are now on display in the Millbrook Cultural & Heritage Centre.


News article links:

Mi'kmaq regalia to return home to Nova Scotia after 130 years in an Australian museum

Mi'kmaq regalia kept in an Australian museum for more than 130 years will finally be returned to Millbrook First Nation in Nova Scotia -- close to where the items are believed to have been crafted by a Mi'kmaq artist in the 1800s.

Pictures of the regalia:

Front picture of Regalia.jpg
Back Picture of Regalia.jpg
Pouch open.jpg
Legging 2.jpg
Brooch 2.jpg
Pipe 3.jpg
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