Silence & Sight


Our wild spaces can often be places of profound stillness and quiet, and often no more so than under the cover of dark. And so it is too, that some of the animal people who flourish by night are they themselves masters of silence. Among these are Owl, "Kokoko," to the Anishinabek With the ability to sit nearly motionless for many hours and special wing feathers that allow silent flight through the moonlit forests, Owl has been admired for patience and skillfulness. The gift of exceptional sight allows Owl to see perfectly even in the darkest night These qualities are what have led many people and cultures to respect Owl as a figure of wisdom, because Owl knows ar\d .seeswhat many others cannot. Owl is able to penetrate and understand the darkness that keeps knowledge of the world hidden from everyone else. The dark does not deceive Owl.




The Artist & The Art

Although Mark Nadjiwan is an artist of mixed ancestry, his subject matter and style are
clearly the products of his Aboriginal heritage. He is a self-taught artist who works primarily
in pen and ink. Mark's work can be found in galleries and venues across Canada as well as
private collections. His First Nation roots are grounded in the Lake Superior and Georgian Bay
regions. He continues to live in Northern Ontario with his artist wife, Patricia Gray, who works in various acrylic mediums and porcelain.



Lighting and Display


Although we need light to appreciate art it can also be art's worst enemy. Intense natural
daylight and fluorescent light are the most damaging since they are the main sources of UV
light. While the backer-board, print paper, and matting are all acid-free products that can last
for many years, you should nonetheless take steps to minimize the exposure of your new
decorative reproduction to direct sunlight. Doing so can add even more years of life to these
components including the high quality fade-resistant toner inks used in the image itself. Give
careful thought to lighting when deciding where to display your artwork and consider using

incandescent light to illuminate it.

Fits Standard 11" X 14" Frame

Silence & sight by Mark Nadjiwan


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