About the Artist: "Doah Aye Nibi" is the Mi'kmaq name of Melissa Sue Labrador (Labrador-Posey). From the Wildcat Community in South Brookfield, Melissa was born in to a highly creative family of Mi'kmaw Artists, Basket Weavers and Birch Bark Canoe builders. Daughter of Birch Bark Canoe builder Todd G. Labrador and the late Jean Augustine-Mclsaac and Grand-daughter of the late Mi'kmaq Elder/Hereditary Chief of the Acadia First Nation, Charles W. Labrador, Melissa's childhood was spent immersed in the culture, traditional values and ways. She currently resides in the Wildcat Community with her husband and twins.


INSPIRATION: Melissa's inspiration for her work stems from her close upbringing to the sacred sites of Kejimkujik. Through her connection with these sacred sites and the personal studying of the 'Ancient Rock Carvings' of her ancestors she combines her own knowledge, experiences and teachings to share thru her art.

Melissa's vision is that through her art, she keeps the knowledge she has gained, the legends and history behind these sacred sites she was taught, as well as her teachings in Mi'kmaq culture and traditions, alive for the generations to come.


She is self-taught.


Contact E-mail: doahayenibi@gmail.com
Facebook: Seven Directions Mi'kmaq Art
Twitter: @Mel7Labrador

Our Grandmothers Out Berry Picking by Melissa Sue Labrador


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