Print Name: “Nukami the Storyteller”

Melissa Sue Labrador


“Doah Aye Nibi", is the Mi’kmaq name of Melissa Sue Labrador. From the Wildcat community in Nova Scotia, Melissa was born in to a highly creative family of Mi’kmaq Artists, Basket Weavers and Birch Bark Canoe builders. Melissa's childhood was spent immersed in the culture, traditional values and ways and she draws her inspiration from not only her family and children, but her close upbringing to the sacred sites of Kejimkujik.

Melissa's connection with the sacred sites has given her the opportunity to study the ‘Ancient Rock Carvings’ of her ancestors. She uses her own personal knowledge and teachings to share thru her art the knowledge, legends and history behind these carvings and her culture.


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Nukami the Storyteller by Melissa Sue Labrador


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