My Mi'kmaq Mother by Julie Pellissier-Lush


"Some people collect stamps while other collect cards and if they have loads of money, they may even collect cars or houses. I, on the other hand, collect stories. I was around three years old when I lost my mother to Lymphatic Cancer and to this day she remains in my mind as this beautiful, strong, Aboriginal woman, who, I wish, with all my heart that I had known longer. Losing her when I was so young left a hole in my life and my heart so big that it has become an ongoing journey to find out who she was, so I can continue my own journey to figure out who I am."

Julie Pelissier-Lush



Title:My Mi'kmaq Mother: Unabridged

Format:Kobo ebook

Published:October 22, 2009

Publisher:Retromedia Publishing Inc.


Appropriate for ages:All ages


My Mi'kmaq Mother by Julie Pellissier-Lush