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Cecil Youngfox - "Joyous Motherhood" Porcelain Mug

Design by Ojibway Artist Cecil Youngfox.

Each Fine Porcelain mug comes with a specially designed box that features the artwork and its descriptions.

They stack up nicely and make a spectacular presentation.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

About the artist


Cecil Youngfox was born in 1942 in Blind River, Ontario, of Ojibway and Metis parents. As an established Canadian native artist, he was renowned for his vivid and sensitive depiction of native traditions, which gained the interest and respect of public and private collectors in Canada and abroad. He was awarded the Aboriginal Order of Canada for his work in preserving his native heritage.

Mr. Youngfox’s untimely death came in 1987 at age of 45. However, the inspiration in his art still lives on.

Cecil Youngfox - "Joyous Motherhood" Porcelain Mug

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